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We are excited about your interest in partnering with us to integrate oral health as a topic in your conversations with families!

We know that behavior change requires repeated and consistent messaging-that’s why your partnership in reaching families is so important.

Parents and other caregivers need encouragement and guidance in how to properly care for the teeth of their children; by doing so they may eventually gain interest in caring for their own teeth. The modeling of healthy behavior by adults who set a positive example is an essential component of success for children.

Together we can work towards breaking the oral disease cycle!

Interested in an oral health training for your staff? Contact our team at 360.539.7576 ext. 103 or email

Resources for you and your families:

  • (ABCD state-wide website)
  • (downloadable snack chart and more)
  • (free e-book)
  • (free educational toolkit)
  • (learn about pioneer dentist Dr. Weston A. Price)
  • (Natural ways to heal teeth at home)

Enrollment Form – Children 0-5 Years that have Apple Health/Provider One Card:

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