Opioid Use Reduction & Recovery (OURR) Alliance

CHOICE Regional Health Network, in collaboration with Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council (PacMtn), is pleased to announce three grant opportunities through the Opioid Use Reduction & Recovery (OURR) Alliance.

  • Young Adult Employment Response to the Opioid Epidemic: This opportunity will support young adults (18-24) who experience barriers to employment due to direct or indirect use of opioids and connect them with the labor market. The goal is to integrate internships and work opportunities into existing services and programming across the 5-county region (Pacific, Thurston, Mason, Grays Harbor, and Lewis Counties).
  • Localizing Recovery Support: Increasing Peer Recovery Counselors in the PacMtn Region: The goal of this RFP is to increase the number of Peer Recovery Counselors in the CHOICE/PacMtn region by identifying host sites for one full time Peer Recovery Counselor per county for Grays Harbor, Pacific, and Mason counties. Certified Peer Recovery Counselors draw upon their experiences to help peers find hope and make progress towards recovery.
  • Expanding Workforce Services for Parents & Families Affected by the Opioid Crisis: This opportunity will support the integration of workforce services into existing parenting and family support programs. The goal is to reach pregnant women impacted by Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), parents in outpatient or inpatient treatment, family members of individuals impacted by OUD, and/or incarcerated parents throughout the 5-county region.


Two bidders conferences will be held to discuss all three RFPs associated with OURR Alliance. Dates, times, locations, and call in information can be found here.

Proposals are due November 15, 2018 by 12:00pm Pacific Time.