Youth Marijuana Prevention & Education

 choice_ympep_logoProgram Overview: Partners from the Cascade Pacific Action Alliance and other and multiple sectors across a seven-county region came together to develop a Youth Marijuana Prevention and Education Program (YMPEP) plan for activity implementation that will include:

  • Enhancing existing regional substance abuse prevention efforts;
  • Strengthening community and regional networks;
  • Implementation of substance abuse training programs.

Goals: The prevention work of the Youth Marijuana Prevention and Education Program focuses on three areas:

  • Identifying YMPEP program needs throughout the region;
  • Improving the environment and systems of marijuana use;
  • Enhancing community participation and engagement.

Population: The prevention services of the Youth Marijuana Prevention and Education Program focus on three identified populations:

  • American Indian/Alaskan Native youth
  • Youth struggling in school
  • Hispanic /Latino youth

Partner Toolkit: 

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