CHOICE Regional Health Network

CHOICE Regional Health Network is a nonprofit collaborative of health care leaders in a five-county region that includes Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Pacific, and Thurston counties. The organization was founded in 1995 with the mission to improve community health in Central Western Washington through the collective planning and action of health care leaders. The organization’s board of directors consists of CEO-level executives from hospitals, community health centers, public health, and behavioral health agencies, and the region’s leading medical home. We have partnered for years with the region’s health care providers, local governments, and a large number of social service organizations on a wide range of community health improvement initiatives.

CHOICE works in three core program areas, which include:

1. Improving access to care and consumer education;

2. Care coordination and integration; and

3. Health system planning and transformation.

A key strategy of CHOICE is to serve as a neutral convener to bring together leaders in our region to identify issues, develop innovative solutions, and implement agreed-upon actions. CHOICE provides skilled facilitation and project management services to drive the work forward and keep projects on track, ensuring active engagement of stakeholders and a focus on outcomes. CHOICE has more than two decades of experience leading successful community engagement and regional health improvement efforts.