Jean Clark – CEO

Chris Haywood – Human Resources Manager

Ivan Rodriguez – Data and IT Manager

Carol Palay – Communications Manager

Megan Szabla – Executive Assistant

Eleanor Dovey – Fiscal and Contract Specialist

Amber Shirk – Outreach and Tribal Liaison

Randy Thomas – Data and IT Analyst

Joshua Plaster – Program Support Coordinator

Kyle Roesler – Bi-Directional Care Program Manager/PM Lead

Caroline Sedano – Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health Program Manager, and Oral Health Program Manager

Katrin Palmer – Oral Health Coordinator

Michael O’Neill – Community CarePort Program Manager

Olivia Reed – Community CarePort Coordinator

Abigail Schroff – Chronic Disease and Transitional Care Program Manager

Sare Rainer – Opioid Response Program Manager

Caitlin Moore – Navigator Program Manager, and Marijuana Prevention Program Manager