The Cambia Health Foundation has awarded CHOICE Regional Health Network a one-year grant of $87,500 to support a pilot program that is designed to help children with unmet behavioral health needs get the services and support they need. Additional efforts will focus on ensuring that these mostly rural communities learn more about trauma-informed practices and the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). A teacher training program will be developed that can easily be shared across school districts all over the region in the most cost-effective way.

The impact of ACEs cannot be understated as studies indicate that the relationship between ACEs and multiple risk factors for disease, disability and early mortality is very high. According to a study by the Division of Violence Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in partnership with Kaiser Permanente, 28 percent of study participants reported physical abuse and 21 percent reported sexual abuse. In addition, almost 40 percent of those in the study reported two or more ACEs and 12.5 percent experienced four or more. Because ACEs cluster, many subsequent studies now look at the cumulative effects of ACEs rather than the individual effects of each.

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