Oral Health

In Thurston County, CHOICE Regional Health Network is working to improve access to oral health care. We work with families to schedule dental appointments, and we support providers to meet the needs of the community. CHOICE has worked with over 200 oral health care providers on trainings for children, trauma-informed practices, safe opioid prescribing practices, treating patients with chronic disease, and meeting the needs of pregnant patients.

By participating in programs like Access to Baby and Child Dentistry (ABCD), Oral Health Connections (OHC), DentistLink, and the Thurston Oral Health Network (TOHN), CHOICE is helping to increase access to dental care for everyone in the community.

Learn more about the CHOICE Oral Health Programs below and from the bi-monthly Oral Health Newsletter.

CHOICE Oral Health Newsletter

Access to Baby and Child Dentistry (ABCD)

The Access to Baby and Child Dentistry ABCD) program is a preventative early childhood dental program serving children between the ages of 0 and 6 with Apple Health (Medicaid) as their primary insurance. LEARN MORE

Oral Health Connections (OHC)

Pregnant and diabetic patients between the ages of 21 and 64 who are covered by Medicaid will be referred to dental care and receive care coordination support from CHOICE staff. Dentists who are Oral Health Connections (OHC) trained and certified will receive enhanced fees for certain procedures. LEARN MORE

Thurston Oral Health Network (TOHN)

CHOICE is working with the Arcora Foundation to create a structured and comprehensive approach to reducing oral health disparities in Thurston County through Thurston Oral Health Network (TOHN). TOHN anchor strategies include care coordination, increased access to dental services, improving opioid prescription practices, integrating oral health care into medical well-child visits, school sealant programs, community oral health education, and co-located primary care, behavioral health, and oral health. LEARN MORE

Provider Training Opportunities

Oral Health Connections Training

Access to Baby and Child Training

Program Contacts

Katrin Palmer, the ABCD Coordinator for Thurston and Lewis counties, enrolls children into the program by connecting Apple Health-covered children to a dentist, providing oral health education, and assists in appointment scheduling.  She is also available for nutrition guidance to further help improve the oral health of children and their families. Contact Katrin at 360-539-7576 Ext. 103 or palmerk@crhn.org.

Kennedy Chesoli, the Wellness Program Manager (Oral and Behavioral Health), works closely with the Arcora Foundation and manages the Thurston Oral Health Network. Contact Kennedy at 360-539-7576 x128 or chesolik@crhn.org.